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Lost & Found (205 of 365)

Lost & Found (205 of 365)

I was mowing my grass in the alley when this sweet little dog came walking by. She approached me but then walked off and would not let me get too close to her. I followed her for a while, but realized she was not going to let me get near her and I did not want to make her run in front of cars.
I walked away feeling both sad for the dog and angry at the owners who have somehow let her escape. I have had my dog for almost 10 years and not once has she been in a situation where she could get out and be put in harms way. I don’t know how this one managed and I should not assume the owners didn’t do all they could to prevent this from happening.

So I resumed my yard work in the front of my house this time and kept an eye out for her but soon stopped looking. After about 20 minutes she reappears, coming form the opposite direction and she must have circled the entire block. This time I walked right up to her and she let me get close enough to grab her collar, no tags, and I led her to my yard.

So tomorrow I will see if I can have her scanned for a microchip to locate her owners. If she is not chipped, I don’t have any choice but to take her to a no-kill shelter for adoption.

She has made herself at home and to the couch and bed.

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Posted by waynesimms77 on September 11, 2013

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