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Christiania (202 of 365)

Christiania (202 of 365)

Just one of the thousands of graffiti art in an around Christiania, very interesting city within the city of Copenhagen.

Today, around 1000 people live and work in Christiania. The houses, they live in are designed by themselves. They pay rent to the community, and pay the Danish state for water and electricity. They live from their restaurants and from producing bicycles, stoves and other items.

One could say that Christiania is an alternative society within society, which also means that the darker sides of modern life are represented. Some parents advise their teenage children not to go there after dark, and tourists are advised not to take photos in Pusher Street, where you can buy – illegally – pot, hash and other soft drugs.

After forty years of controversy and numerous conflicts between the inhabitants and the state and authorities it seems that the troubled times are over for good. In June 2011 Christiania bought the whole area from the state for DKK 76.5 million finally making the free town legal.

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Posted by waynesimms77 on September 6, 2013

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