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It’s a big white building where they take sick people, but that’s not important right now. (193 of 365)

It's a big white building where they take sick people but that's not important right now(193 of 365)

This was perhaps the funniest part of my trip and if my trip ended that day, that would have been fine with me.

For those of you who have seen the comedy classic Airplane, you will appreciate the following:

We had finished a very nice shore lunch while on the nature preserve island on Finnhamn in the archipelago of Sweden. As we were sitting there just admiring the views we noticed a small wooden object further up the shore, we were about 200 yards away so we could not tell what the object actually was.
So Grace Ann, being the adventurous one she is, decided she would go to investigate and would report back her findings.

A few minutes pass and sure enough Grace Ann pops out onto the shore where the wooden object is and after some time the following discussion ensues and I may embellish or fill in where needed:

Grace: “It’s nice over here, you two should come over.”

Carl and Wayne: “It’s just another rock, we are happy on our rock.” (this was dialog that stayed on our rock)

Wayne: “So what is it?” (referring to wooden object as we did not get an immediate report)

Grace: “You guys coming over? There’s a beach where you can go swimming.” (Apparently the scouting trip and proposed agenda changed on the trip over)

Wayne: “What is it though?!” (Still referring to the unidentified wooden object and asked with a little impatience due to lack of information flow from our adventurous scout)

Grace: “It’s a small sandy area where you can swim.”

I cannot tell you how hard both me and Carl laughed on our rock and the deafening silence that was heard on Grace Ann’s rock as she perhaps realized the comedic conversation that just happened.

I said to Carl, “I’m out, I can go home now”

It was a great day with two great friends!

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Posted by waynesimms77 on August 26, 2013

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