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Purple Sage (180 fo 365)

Purple Sage (180 fo 365)

This sage bush was about 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide and was covered in blooms.

Late To The Party (179 of 365)

Late To The Party (179 of 365)

There were a few sunflowers that had not yet opened, hence the title. This was a 100% crop taken from about 40 yards…this is what 36 megapixels will do for you.

Pet Names (178 of 365)

Pet Names (178 of 365)

We have all had them given to us and we have given them to the ones we love. It is funny how we assign these silly names of endearment to the ones who are nearest to our hearts. We use them so often that it seems odd to call the person by their actual name or at least in my case it was odd.
So here is to pet names and the stories behind them!

By the way, I found this in my wallet today, it had been there for almost 5 years.

I was her B and she was my Little Monkey. All is good.

Peepers (177 of 365)

Peepers (177 of 365)

Bird On A Wire (176 of 365)

Bird On A Wire (176 of 365)

V6 Tricycle (175 of 365)

V6 Tricycle (175 of 365)

Old school home build.

Drop Of A Feather (174 of 365)

Drop Of A Feather (174 of 365)

Water drop on a feather.