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This Stick Brought To You By Choppy (163 of 365)

This Stick Brought To You By Choppy (163 of 365)

Tree Hugger (162 of 365)

Tree Hugger (162 of 365)

This guy/gal was keeping cool and was using a little knoll on the branch as a head rest.

Far Away (161 of 365)

Far Away (161 of 365)

Bohemian Perma-Teen (160 of 365)

Bohemian Perma-Teen (160 of 365)

This is for someone who has helped me over the last 8 months and with whom I have become good friends. It represents strength, growth and the ability to standout and break free.
The path she is taking is challenging but her determined spirit and drive will see her through.

The Sunny Side (159 or 365)

The Sunny Side (159 or 365)

The Backside Has Beauty Too (158 of 365)

The Backside Has Beauty Too (158 of 365)

Sunflowers And The Moon (157 of 365)

Sunflowers And The Moon (157 of 365)

Setting Supermoon and sunflowers from this morning near McKinney.