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Red Wagon (138 of 365)

Red Wagon (138 of 365)

Who did not have an old metal red wagon when they were a kid? I can recall flying out of control with my brother trying to steer with the handle that was pretty much over my head as was way too quick to turn.
Wasn’t this every kids first vehicle and hauler of everything important in life?
Bird houses optional.

Hello (137 of 365)

Hello (137 of 365)

Sunset On The Butterfield (136 of 365)

Sunset On The Butterfield (136 of 365)

Our sunset for night one of two. Great campfire and good friends.

The Gathering (135 of 365)

The Gathering (135 of 365)

Observed (134 of 365)

Observed (134 of 365)

Suspension (133 of 365)

Suspension (133 of 365)

Working Alone (132 of 365)

Working Alone (132 of 365)