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Death Far From Water (38 of 365)

Death Far From Water  (38 of 365)

I came across this crawfish exoskeleton in one of the fields close to my home. I assume it had been there for some time since it was bleached white from the hot Texas sun. I noticed that there did not appear to be any damage from a predator and I started wondering how it came to rest where is did.
The nearest source of “permanent” water was about 300 yards away from where I took this image and another 30 yards was a small depression with water,I know that the water in the field was only due to the recent rains.
So was this guy…(assuming a guy due to the claws, but then again, I am not a carcinologist), just lost or perhaps dropped by a bird? Was it on some migration or driven by some internal urge to seek new waters?

I personally don’t think about death until I see it and then I wonder about the life that had been.

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Posted by waynesimms77 on February 8, 2013

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