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Food Coma Ensued (37 of 365)

Food Coma Ensued  (37 of 365)

My job takes me to Tyler, Texas at least twice a month and almost every time I go I hit Stanley’s BBQ. It think it is one of the best BBQ places I have had the chance to try by far. It is a small place that has a line out the door pretty much every day and will run out of certain items if you are too late.
So if you are ever in Tyler you should stop in and try it for yourself.

While I am talking about BBQ, there is another BBQ place off Interstate 20 just outside of the Tyler State Park (I recommend that park too) called Bodacious BBQ. Back when I was cycling we would ride mountain bikes at Tyler State Park and afterwards we would stop in at Bodacious. They had this guy there that was in charge of cutting the meat and that was pretty much all we ever saw him doing. But it wasn’t just that he cut the meat it was the way he went about his task.
I can only relay the visual is by having you think of Carl from the movie Slingblade.
This guy just looked like he would cut BBQ or you and not think anything of it while he did. Probably a nice guy but I can just picture him saying ” you gonna eat dem tators…mmmm”

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Posted by waynesimms77 on February 7, 2013

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