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I Call Bullshit! (36 of 365)

I Call Bullshit!  (36 of 365)

This photo was taken last Saturday at the Dallas Farmers Market in downtown Dallas. I was there with a Meetup group of other photographers…all amateurs like myself.
After about 20 minutes of taking pictures inside the open air sheds their security rolls up in their golf cart. She proceeds to tell us that we cannot take pictures since “not everyone like to be on film” and that we would have to get an “event permit” from the city of Dallas to use our cameras.
I asked her politely about the other people taking pictures with their camera phones and she said, and I quote ” you can take that in the courts (pointing to my iPhone that I had pulled out) but you can’t take that in court (pointing to my Nikon on a tripod)” I just shook my head and told her that I would need to see some actual documentation of any rules that suggest that I cannot take pictures as an amateur at the Dallas Farmers Market. I also proceeded to tell her that you cannot actually take any kind of camera into a live court session.
I informed her that in a public space, no one has the right to privacy since you are in a public space. I further proceeded to tell her that I was not taking pictures of the vendors but of the vegetables.
In about 10 minutes the Dallas PD rolls in…maybe 3 cars and started to talk to the other people in the Meetup group.
In short, they informed us ( incorrectly of course) that if we took anymore pictures that we would be arrested for criminal trespassing.
One police car rolled up to me and I asked him what the issue was and he gave me his version of what he thought he knew to be correct. I told him that ” it was bullshit and that I could take pictures the same as the other people with camera phones but since you have a badge and don’t know the actual law that applies here, I will just move on”

This is from the Dallas Farmers Market website:

Filming & Photography


We love having the Dallas Farmers Market as a backdrop for filming, however, please view Filming In Dallas to see if you require a permit before arriving at the Market.


We welcome all photographers, including professional landscape and portraits. Please share your pictures on our Facebook page. For portrait sessions, please respect our vendors and their requests. Not everyone likes to be on film!

As I stated, I was not taking any pictures of people during my time there.

I will of course go back and take pictures but this time armed with a print out or their website rules.

If I need a bailout…..please take my call! 🙂

Posted by waynesimms77 on February 6, 2013

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