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Fade Away….Letting Go (58 of 356)

Fade Away....Letting Go  (58 of 356)

This photo was taken in Sweden and during a very happy time in life. Not just for the time and place or the friends we visited but for the moment in time; a moment in time that has now become a watermark of sorts.
Everyone who has ever been in love or is in love knows that a simple look from the one they love can say so many things. This picture captured that look at that moment and at that time.

Although looking at this picture now saddens me at the thought of not ever seeing this look again, I now see this image as a symbolic reminder of where I am at this moment and this time.

Seeking Solace (57 of 365)

Seeking Solace (57 of 365)

One of my favorites, this was taken in El paso in one of the old Missions, it is one of three on the Mission trail.

You could feel the past while sitting in the pews and looking at the alter. I wonder how many people have found their answers.

Calming (56 of 365)

Calming  (56 of 365)

Untitled (55 of 365)

Untitled (55 of 365)

Early Morning Frost (54 of 365)

Early Morning Frost  (54 of 365)

Retired Ford Tractor (53 of 365)

Retired Ford Tractor  (53 of 365)

Sid (52 of 365)

Sid  (52 of 365)