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K9 Silhouette (24 of 365)

K9 Silhouette  (24 of 365)

That’s right, another image of my dog Abby. My blog, my images 🙂
Hint…it probably won’t be the last.

I love this dog as she has been with me for almost 8 years now and was a SPCA special. She, like most of our pets have been through it all with us and truth be said, they are our family.
Abby is special to me and Holly. Some of you know that we were together over 5 years ago but our relationship ended. It was decided that neither could bear being without her so we decided to have joint custody. Yep, a week on and a week off for over 5 years now.
Sounds crazy but it has worked for the three of us and it allows for each of us to vacation without having to board her. Abby is well adjusted and just assumes she is going to her second pack for a visit.
I am grateful to Holly for this on many levels.

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Posted by waynesimms77 on January 25, 2013
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  1. 01/25/2013
    H bomb

    I always look foward to your photos at the end of my day- its the kind of reality show that people should be watching! Your work is a diary of thought, vision, color, craft, and composition. Love it all!

    • 01/28/2013

      Thank you very much for the thoughtful words and I am happy that you are enjoying my daily photo.


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