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Flower Power (23 of 365)

Flower Power  (23 of 365)

As an aspiring photographer……or one who just likes taking pictures of interesting things, I like the flower (don’t worry guys, I will have manly stuff too in future blogs). From a visual point it offers color, structure, shape and texture and this makes for great photo opportunities.
The flower is found throughout the world with two species in the Antarctic, as fragile as they look that is impressive given the environment.
I took this picture of Lilies and added some filters for added effect. While looking for images of the Lilly, so I would actually know the name of the flower I took a picture of, I came across a short poem about flowers (bear with me guys).

Desert Flowers

Life in the desert can be harsh and extreme with relentless heat and bitter cold, to exist would seem impossible. But life in the desert is very much alive and defiant of the extremes. Small and large the animals flourish, living from moment to moment in a frenzied rush for survival.

But not all life in the desert is so desperate and hurried if you consider the flower. Flowers of all types, capturing the colors of a thousand rainbows, lifting a pall that covers the land.

Although its life is very short and tenuous, its mark on the landscape of our mind is indelible. We enjoy its beauty without question, its place without reason.


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Posted by waynesimms77 on January 24, 2013

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