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Hello, I’m an Oak Nut! (21 of 365)

Hello, I'm an Oak Nut!  (21 of 365)

That term sounds really strange when compared to the usual identifier….Acorn, which in my opinion sounds even more off the mark. Translation through the years has taken the oak nut or seed and changed it to something that makes no sense. I don’t have a mighty Live Corn Tree in my backyard, nope, it’s a Live Oak tree.
Here is more:
Our modern English word “acorn” may be derived from an Old Dutch word eik-korn, meaning “oak-corn”. (As when using the word “corn” to mean “seed”.)

Eik-korn has been replaced by the modern Dutch word eikel which means “a baby oak”, just as we could say “an oaklet” in English.

So this weekend I will plant an egg to see if I get a chicken or a purple vegetable!

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Posted by waynesimms77 on January 22, 2013

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