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Symbiosis (17 of 365)


I saw this tree that just looks pissed off with it’s spikes and tough exterior, you know, a serious “fuck off” kind off tree. But when I looked closer, it had these delicate green lichen or mossy growths and a vine that had attached itself between the pissed off bits. It got me to thinking about symbiotic relationships and our human condition in general.
Are these relationships just opportunistic and selfish or truly beneficial to each party? I guess that depends on your end game.

As defined:
A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence is probably to most common definition aka “a symbiotic relationship”.
Here are a few more:
Beneficial to one without effect on the other or (commensalism), beneficial to one and detrimental to the other or (parasitism), detrimental to the first without any effect on the other or (amensalism), detrimental to both or (synnecrosis).

I think we can all agree that being symbiotic is the better of choices given the others when engaged in a loving relationship.
Here’s to symbiosis and the mutually found benefits!

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Posted by waynesimms77 on January 18, 2013

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