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Waiting for a cake (15 of 365)

Waiting for a cake  (15 of 365)

Nothing brings back memories like walking through an antique store. No, I am not an “antique-r” but there is something special about seeing the past so well categorized and displayed. Even the smell of the past seems to be present as your eyes fall over the various knick knacks and utensils long ago forgotten or replaced by the soon to be newest antique.

I saw these rolling pins just tagged and stacked and I wondered to myself just how many cakes, pies and cookies they were put into service to make over the years. Back in a time before box mixes and electric mixers were common and recipes were from memory.

I love digital gadgets and technology as much and probably better than most, we all do really. But there is something to be said about holding something from another time that is so simple and yet at the time was so advanced and elegant.

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Posted by waynesimms77 on January 16, 2013

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