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Red On Blue (30 of 365)

Red On Blue  (30 of 365)

Just something colorful today, posting early as I will not have time later tonight.

Just Screwing Around With Filters (29 of 365)

Just Screwing Around With Filters  (29 of 365)

This was an image taken in Tucumcari along old Route 66 in November 2012.

Branches of Fire (28 of 365)

Branches of Fire  (27 of 365)

Not a lot to say today, I just liked this image for the color contrast.

Site under repair. Changes coming soon.. (27 of 365)

Site under repair.  Changes coming soon..  (27 of 365)

The Ties That Bind (26 or 365)

The Ties That Bind  (26 or 365)

Where would we be without the ties that bind us; bind us to loved ones, friends or places? We all feel a need to be bound to something in our lives and usually the closet is our immediate family, spouse or partner. We spend time and energy strengthening these bonds and go to great lengths to keep them taught. It takes work and commitment to ensure that there are no frayed or damaged threads and if any are found, it takes communication to repair these powerful, yet so very delicate threads.

I have to ask myself why have I let so many threads fray and what can I do to repair.

Glass, Light and White Balance (25 of 365)

Glass, Light and White Balance  (25 of 365)

The actual color of this glass vase is green. Shooting it against a black background with two white umbrellas with flash. Simple conversion to b&w and using tungsten as my white balance I get wonderful blue color that graces the reflected light.

K9 Silhouette (24 of 365)

K9 Silhouette  (24 of 365)

That’s right, another image of my dog Abby. My blog, my images 🙂
Hint…it probably won’t be the last.

I love this dog as she has been with me for almost 8 years now and was a SPCA special. She, like most of our pets have been through it all with us and truth be said, they are our family.
Abby is special to me and Holly. Some of you know that we were together over 5 years ago but our relationship ended. It was decided that neither could bear being without her so we decided to have joint custody. Yep, a week on and a week off for over 5 years now.
Sounds crazy but it has worked for the three of us and it allows for each of us to vacation without having to board her. Abby is well adjusted and just assumes she is going to her second pack for a visit.
I am grateful to Holly for this on many levels.